Friday, August 13, 2010

Departing Florida...

Tell me woodland critters are not the cutest, I dare you!  I'm finally getting over this strep throat, cold/flu nonsense and feeling much better than I did 5 days ago.  Before becoming nearly incapacitated I put together this package for a woodland swap.  I picked up on my partners likes and came up with these owl stickers, a handmade owl box pouch, and of course I had to throw in a crochet mushie.  I'll be headed to the post office first thing tomorrow to mail it off, followed by a sincere apology for sending this out a week late.

I also finally finished this roly poly kitty ( the pattern can be found here ) which I started weeks and weeks ago.  One of my bad habits of starting things and not finishing them in a timely manner, call it craft ADD...ugh!  I have so many WIPs at the moment I really need to try and get them all completed sooner rather than later.  The only problem with completing projects is finding places for them because I feel guilty sticking them in boxes and tucking them away.


  1. your crochet animals and things are just the cutest ever. your partner is lucky i looooove owls too and those stickers are thee cutest!

  2. Thanks, I hope she likes them

  3. my oh my! The woodland critters are the cutest things I've ever seen (: