Thursday, August 12, 2010

hi and hello

I have no idea where this thing will be headed, it may become like countless other blogs in the interverse that are tossed aside when the writer...(that's giving too much credit where it is sometimes not due) blogger's attention span leads them in another direction.  Just be aware there is potential for abandonment, I want you to jump in with both eyes open there are no empty promises of posts and pictures for all eternity.  I may even spend my time here rambling away in utter nonsense or but there is a very slight chance that I might  even write something witty or profound once in a blue moon, when the stars align, and I decide to wear my fuzzy snowflake socks.  The choice is up to me and you are just along for the ride my friend.

I am not a grammar goddess and you are not my teacher, don't judge me because I do not care.  Remember this is mine not yours.  P.S. my spelling is horrendous, sometimes it is so bad the spell checker is like WTF?!#@  I will try not to point out your defects and you can accept mine.


  1. Hell. Yes. Describes me and my blog to a T. I'm trying to keep the blogging faith, since I mostly know assholes in real life, but I hoping somewhere along the line, someone gets me. :P

    Good luck on your bloggy journey.

  2. Thanks, yours as well. So far this has been fun!