Saturday, August 14, 2010

Saturday's are for being embarrassed

What else would they be for?
Took MarMar into the groomers first thing this morning and about an hour after dropping her off I received a call that she was all ready to be picked up.  This should have been a big clue, it has always taken close to 2 hours every other time she's been to the "spa".  The lady that owns the shop greets me, cashes me out, and goes back to get my dog.  Moments later a familiar face pops out with so much joy and excitement you would think she hasn't seen me in weeks.  I notice she's still wet and mention it, I would think for $45 they could at least make sure she is completely dry.  So I wait as the owner heads to the back to find out what the deal is.  Moments later the groomer comes out and explains very nicely that my little MarMar is scared of the noise from the dryer, which I do not doubt since she is a bit of a wuss.  Apparently every time they turned on the dryer she started having diarrhea issues all over the table.  Ok then, I think she is dry enough. If that wasn't bad enough while I was walking her to the car she started pooping down the middle of the parking lot, not the wet stuff this time but embarrassing none the less.  At least she's clean now.

Later this afternoon I headed to super Target to pick up a couple items.  I was pleased as punch that I made it out of there spending less than $100, that place is a money pit.  Are you ready for embarrassing moment #2?
1.  Have you ever walked up to the wrong car in the parking lot?
2.  How about walked up to the wrong car in the parking lot and actually tried to open it?
3.  How about walked up to the wrong car in the parking lot, actually tried to open it while someone was     sitting inside the car?
That's classy stuff right there!

Eventually I manage to get myself into my very own car and think it should be smooth sailing the rest of the way home.  Boy was I mistaken... Sitting at a red light listening to a little XM radio (which has gone to shits since it merged with Sirius) and just as I start turning my head to the left AH CHOOOO!  And thanks to this cold/flu business I am trying to get over the gentleman in the car to my left looking at me was lucky enough to witness a snot bubble develop in my nose...bam! eye contact, ugh, green light.


  1. Add walking into a door in front of some executives at your place of employment and it sounds like a Wednesday in my world.

  2. ok, you made me chuckle 3 times. thanks

  3. just laughed out loud! haha. fantastic!