Thursday, August 12, 2010

Vitamix... I love you

I've been watching quite a bit of documentaries about food, obesity in american, nutrition and our family is slowly trying to transition from being overfed lazy junk food and sugar fueled into something slightly healthier.  I wish I could say we are giving up all those things that are so deliciously bad for us but reality has a small hand in our success and failures.  So I am not going to set the bar too high that we clothes lines ourselves while we are trying to get by, I want to be able to jump over that bad boy and land on our feet.  I have the common list of excuses... time, money, work, household duties, it's raining... it's pouring... I'd rather be snoring.  

Did I also mention I am recently diagnosed as diabetic?  Nice little wrench thrown into the gears of my adult life.  Stay away from sugar, stay away from carbs, shoot up with these needles, poke your finger and make yourself bleed multiple times a day... sounds delightful doesn't it?  I have wasted my luck becoming one of the minority of adults who become diagnosed with adult onset type 1 diabetes.  So lucky in fact I wasted every ounce of it and now winning the lottery is probably never going to happen for me.  So as a consolation prize for never being a lottery winner I got this handy dandy Vitamix and I LOVE it!  Smoothies here I come!

Do you know how healthy "green smoothies" are suppose to be for you?  Well if you don't go google it, that's what google was made for.  I know the color may turn you junk food junkies off but my god it just makes me feel good looking at it.  This here is a brilliant bright green breakfast smoothie I created.  Not that it required a culinary degree or anything, it is simplicity at its best.  Fresh! like the prince in fact.

1cup of fresh organic spinach
1 cup fresh organic kale
1 fresh kiwi (skin removed)
1/2 cup fresh pineapple
10 green grapes
1 cup of ice
1/2 cup of water

The beauty of the Vitamix has something to do with the amount of power the monster generates and something to do with breaking down the cell walls of the veggies blah..blah... who cares it is fanfreakingtastic!  I know, I know spinach, kale?  Oddly enough fresh spinach hardly has any flavor all you really taste is the fruit plus you're getting all those vitamins.


  1. yay for being healthy : )
    green smoothies ftw.

  2. good luck with getting healthy (i need to work on cuttin out some of my sugar).

    i'm sorry to hear about the diabetes, though. my husband was diagnosed with it when he was 13, and even though he's now 32, i still have to stay on his case, otherwise he'd consume enough sugar and carbs to put himself into a coma. i hope you have more self control than he does!

  3. You'll get yours tomorrow!

    Sugar is so hard to cut out it seems to be everywhere, but then again so are carbs :(