Tuesday, September 14, 2010

The boys are busy

As some people may or may not be aware 9/14 is a very big day in the video gaming universe.  The latest Halo game was released and has taken the souls of many boys young and old.  

They are going to be preoccupied for hours, days, weeks.  The kid has time restrictions on his game play, I'm wondering if the man should have them as well.

Of course we had to get the super special legendary edition because it came with extras.

We won't go into how much all this cost.

The kid's xbox broke a few weeks ago so of course he needed a new one because the boys can't share they each need their own.  Boys = 1 man + 1 kid



  1. I understand completely. My hubby is actually into Modern Warfare, which comes out in November... Thankfully we have worked out a compromise on his video game playing, so I still get to spend time with him. lol

  2. I decided if you can't beat them, join them, and now I kill zombies and all sorts!

  3. haha. Trust me...I've been dreading this day. So far my boyfriend hasn't had a chance to play it but if he gets hooked to it like he did Modern Warfare...well yeah you know. haha


  4. yea you're not gonna see them for the next few weeks unless food is involved. lol i'm lucky my man has cut down WOW raiding to two nights a week...

  5. Halo?? Honestly? boah...I think I'd freak out-.-

    there's an award for you to pick up on my blog btw =)