Monday, September 6, 2010

Happy Labor Day!

No work today and I am pleased as punch.  There is a brisket slow roasting in the oven and the house is already filling with the smell, yum.  Does anyone have any plans for today?  I am still going through all my stuff and deep cleaning my house.  My craft room is the only place in the entire house that has carpet, everything else is hardwood and can be a pain in the arse to clean to my liking.  
It goes something like this: 
1.  We sweep
2.  We dust mop
3.  We vacuum on the bare floor setting
4.  Finally Steam clean
Unfortunately we have had 2 shitty shark floor steamers that have both broken.  A complete waste of a couple hundred dollars I must say.  The options at Target, Walmart, and other similar stores are quite limited and I really did not want to throw away more money on the stupid shark.  Lucky for me I was in Macy's the other week and came across a HANN steam floor cleaner, it was on sale and I loved the way it looked so obviously I couldn't resist.  I have to say it works like a charm and I am very hopeful it will withstand the test of time.

You know that blanket I thought I was going to be done with today?  HA! Not even close to being done.  At this point it just looks like a giant scarf so I am going to continue to work on it.

I'm also trying to reduce the clutter in my craft room and finding all sorts of odds and ends that are not getting used.  I'm sure there is someone out there that will appreciate it and make something lovely.  Is anyone interested is this?  It is just thread and some ribbon odds and ends.  If so just shoot me an email and it's yours.


  1. It sounds like you are having such a productive day! I absolutely love getting in a deep cleaning when I have time off!

  2. I'm definitely also using today to get all my ducks in a line, so to speak! It's nice to feel productive. Also, I'm going to send a little email to see the details of your crafting supplies.

  3. I'll be using my day for some cleaning up and emailing, too... and a trip to Michaels. I have a few Labor Day Coupons that must be put to good use :)

  4. Nothing is more productive and rewarding that clearing out any bits of clutter and cleaning up a space. Woo hoooo!!

    ps-the bf got me a shark cleaner for the floor and i kinda love it.

  5. Howdy, congrats on the little purge. it all helps doesn't it? i'd be willing to take the ribbon ends off your hands if it is still available. The threads are lovely too, but would be too much to send to Canada. The ribbons could just go in a regular envelope?
    best to yo,,

  6. Love when the house smells like yummy dinner all day, makes it taste that much better when you finally do get to eat it.

    I'm jealous of your mad skills. That blanket looks so good so far!!

  7. I love that blanket you're working on! Amazing!

  8. Thanks for the comments ladies. I didn't get as much done as I would have liked but hey, what can you do?

    ribbons and bits have been claimed, stay tuned I may have more stuff.

  9. Oh save them for the craft swap!! I need some help/ideas for that ps ;)
    Your blanket looks wonderful! I cleaned and crafted all day Monday too - it was a nice break!