Thursday, September 2, 2010

Here to there

I signed up for the September blogging special e-class so for the entire month I will be given blog prompts and challenges. I think it sounds like a good way to keep me out of a blogging bore and change things up once in awhile. I already missed the first one so you can see I’m off to a great start.

Today is day two and what I like about my hometown was the assignment today which got me to thinking. Is this to mean the town you currently call home or the town where you grew up that you will always call home? I guess to some people they are one and the same. For me the distance between the two is about 4700miles and now I am feeling home sick. I can’t jump in my car and take a quick road trip home and hang out with old friends, I can’t just call home without double checking to make sure the six hour time difference won’t be interrupting anyone’s daily ritual, and I can’t go to old hangouts and feel nostalgic.  I was a military brat so I spent a good portion of my younger years in Korea on an Army base but I moved to Hawaii during my formidable years so that is where I call "home".

I miss the beaches with their crystal clear waters and debris free sandy shores. I miss the elevation of the mountains and being engulfed in greenery during afternoon hikes. Weekend strolls through farmers markets year round and inhaling the freshest most exotic fruits were always a good time. And I miss the food, oh the food… nothing can compare.

When most people hear Hawaii they think tropical island paradise. To me it is my heart, my home, my family, I find comfort there.


  1. Wow I always moan about being miles away from home. And mine is only about 350 miles away. My mum is in the same time zone and although it does take some planning I can hop on a plane or drive. Those waters look amazing!

  2. Omgosh, I think I miss it too. Its so beautiful there and I have never even visited, but I know how you feel. I lived in Utah for a year, 3 time zones away from my mom and sister. It was so hard.
    Ohio isn't much, but to me its love.
    Thank you for opening up.
    You wrote so beautifully.

  3. Great post - where is the blogging challenge hosted? Sounds good!

  4. I am jealous of the color of water there. Ours is a muddy brown, and I long for crisp blue colors.

  5. I just spent 24 hours in Honolulu and hiked the Diamond Head trail! It was such fun!