Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Hey there.

I think I mentioned before I signed up for a September blogging workshop that had daily blog prompts.  I only managed to actually complete one.  This here is going to be #2, you can’t say I don’t stick with anything (even if it is only partially).  Yesterday’s topic was “Take a moment to write about your nightly routine”
I really wish I had some amazing things but in reality evenings just seem to wiz on by and are usually filled with the need to’s and not the want to’s.  It is usually 5 o’clock before I manage get home for the day and there is little time to wind down before dinner needs to be made, assistance with homework is needed, the dog needs walking, etc…. then there are the dishes, I loathe them.  After all is said and done I have a very limited amount of actual me time.  There is so much going on during the week that family time has to get squeezed in every chance you have and personal sanity time usually gets pushed aside into the dark corner.

This weekend the boys will be out of the house and I will have an unlimited supply of time to do whatever it is I feel like doing, even if it is nothing.  I dug the mohair fabric I have out of the cabinet last  night and started on a couple new stuffed animals.  I forgot how much I liked hand sewing, it’s almost soothing. 
What are your evening routines?


  1. Hi, what blogging challenge is it you are doing? Interested in doing one myself. Thanks!

  2. It was through

    I don't know if signup is still going on but I'm sure there are all sorts of these types of things on the internet.

  3. I hope that you have a wonderful weekend full of you time!

  4. The stuffed animal is supercute!

    I feel the same about my evening routine... I don't have one, heh! There is so much to do at night that there is never enough me time. When do you usually get your crafting done?

  5. That stuffed animal is too adorable! =D

    Ha. Evening routine? Knitting things and bothering my friends via messengers. Somewhere in there is stretching, writing letters, lip synching to music and reading. Haha.

  6. stuffed animals?! i want one!! lol i don't care care if i already have a bunch!

    i think making things with my hands is super soothing ( :

    in the evening i do whatever i want until i pass out. i try to get the necessities done right away (like in the morning) so i have more time for fun!

  7. The one at the top of the post is the love of my life. Seriously.

    My evening routine... it's just full of hectic boredom. Even so, I just can't never find enough time to do all the stuff that needs to be done, let alone have some me time ! I need a vacation :'D


  8. That stuffed animal is so adorable!! :D

    And I don't have an evening routine as well. I just find something to do to pass the time. But lately, I have been journaling.

  9. mine's similar - I always have big plans to craft at night but rarely do - come home at 6:30, make food, change over laundry, maybe the dishes, homework with the lil one if it's our night, maybe one show on TV (probably not) then bed. lol boring oh but we did get a pinball machine and some nights we play it for hours at a time!

  10. I love the stuffed animals! I wish I was any good at making them, but I'm not.

    I'm lucky that my evening routine involves a lot of drawing/crafting time usually. One of the perks of having a man who likes to cook!