Monday, September 20, 2010

Rainbows and Unicorns

Inspired by thedaintysquid’s love of color Sunday’s cupcakes were bright, fun, and cheery.  Unfortunately my favorite frosting tip had an altercation with Mr. garbage disposal so the frosting was a little more rustic than usual.
I have to say the layering of all the colors extended the prep time by quite a bit but the outcome is well worth it.  When I’m short on time I use a basic box of cake mix and a couple extra tweeks to make them extra tasty.

 Frosting on the other hand is always homemade, I just can’t stand the stuff that comes in those plastic tubs.  All you need is confectioners sugar, butter, vanilla, and a little cream.  I don’t even measure I just toss them in the mixer and out comes frosting.

Where are those unicorns?


  1. looks so friggin yummy!! i always wondered what a rainbow would taste like :)

  2. Omgosh, that looks absolutely amazing!!! Delicious! I have been craving sweets so much, but can't really have any. boo! This definitely isn't helping. haha

  3. I've been wanting to make layered cakes like this for ages - I really should get to it cos they look so great!

  4. These are so cute! I'm definitely going to have to try making homemade frosting one day.

    Little Sugar Monster

  5. I was so hoping someone else would be inspired by Kaylah's post !
    I've been meaning to give them a go myself ever since she posted, but I haven't gathered the guts to it haha
    I probably should, yours look so fluffy and nice ! And your frosting looks delicious as well :D

  6. Cupcakes are already adorable, but these are over the top!

  7. :) Love it!!!
    Yours are way better than mine lol I didn't have the patience to do all the colors! I love yours!! So pretty!
    I want to make a layered cake with the Roy G Biv colors! I've seen a few on flickr that are amazing!

  8. Super cute! I've seen this done with stacks of pancakes too!