Thursday, September 16, 2010

Rescue 911

My dear sweet dog Marley rescued this little guy.  He was sitting in gutter and she went over to him and just stared at him until the man saw it and picked it up.  Minutes later a street sweeper came by, he would not have survived it.  I don't know if it is a he but I always think of turtle as male.  Also, please excuse my horrible chipped nail polish.

He's so teeny weeny and cute.  I already went to the pet store and picked up some turtle hatchling food but he hasn't eaten it yet.  Anyone know what kind of turtle this is?  I am thinking Florida mud turtle but I could be very wrong.  I sent his cute little picture off to some turtle site to see if they can identify him for me.  For now this little guy needs a name.  Any suggestions?


  1. Aw, he is so very cute!!! Maybe name him after one of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles?

  2. Oh a girl after my own heart! We stop for turtles too - one day I stopped on Tampa Rd. and Curlew but it had been hit and I cried and cried (pms?) I moved him to the side of the road with starbucks napkins so he wouldn't be hit anymore!
    You are a good egg! I know zip about turtles - wash your hands after touching them and google the rest :)
    He's so tiny! Keep us updated! good luck!

  3. Oh so little!! =o
    I'm not sure, but I think that its a red eared slider turtle. I had an adult when I was younger.

    Keep us updated!

  4. again!
    Or it could be a yellow bellied slider, as those are native to Flordia.
    Hope you get everything figured out with him!

  5. Such a cute fellow!

    Maybe you can name him Lucky. ^_^

  6. oh how sweet!! that is the teeniest turtle i've ever seen. yay marley!

  7. Oh wow! Amazing cool how 2 lives can be changed in an instant...and for the better :)

    I'm sorry I don't know a thing about turtles...other than they like greens added to their diets as adults...

    How about Chico? Means small in Spanish.

    Good luck with that cute, little guy!

  8. What a good dog, and what a cute turtle, bravo for saving his little life :) x

  9. Griffin! Ok, I seriously am watching Family Guy and only came up with that because of it. But I think it's cute! And he is CUTE!

  10. he or she, i have no idea about the sex of turtles either, is SO adorably cute! good job on marly for saving the nipper! have you found a name yet?

  11. Aww, he looks just like my little Gamera when I rescued him!!!!