Sunday, September 5, 2010

This or that

How brand loyal are you?  My selections are below feel free to add yours in the comments, this is all in good fun I know some people get pretty hardcore when it comes to brand loyalty.

Canon or Nikon

In the Coke and Pepsi wars

Mac or PC

Fast food or homemade

Store bought or handmade


  1. I use a canon but have never tried a Nixon. Definately coke over pepsi, homemade over fast food and handmade over shop bought :)

  2. - Canon rules!
    - Coke
    - PC
    - Fast food :-(
    - Handmade

  3. Thanks for stopping by my blog and for your nice comment about the spread the love project -- hope you enjoyed reading it!!

    Also, I feel strangely passionate about pepsi, instead of coca-cola. I think that pepsi has a nice crisp taste, while coca-cola is far too sweet.

  4. Love this and agree with you selection 99% (I am still undecided about Mac vs. PC... I work with both!, but I LOOOOVE my iPod touch :))

  5. I totally agree with your selections! We are a Mac household and never eat fast food:)

  6. -Canon, though I've never owned a Nikon.

    -Neither! Water or juice~

    -PC all the way!

    -Homemade... Also, you have made me hungry.

    -Either! If I see it and I like it I shall have it.

  7. canon!
    I don't really like coke or pepsi.
    homemade always the best.
    handmade when I can

    : )

  8. Hey girl! Thanks for following along with me :)
    Okay here goes...
    -I have a Nikon, but my parents and brother both have Canons that I love more!
    -Coke. Always.
    -PC, but I would be open to a MAC if someone would like to throw down the cash haha
    -Homemade...I love to cook!
    -Handmade...I make jewelry!

    p.s. Love all your crafts! I used to work in a cubicle and felt the same way as well. I escaped. Now if only I could find my life calling!

  9. Twin! All the same answers! Did you really just learn to crochet? you make those wonderful lil animal guys!!I want to learn that!! You're in Clearwater?! I live in Palm Harbor, but I work in Tampa. I work 10 to 6 everyday and never find enough time to craft, so I'd love I craft buddy :) email me

  10. :) I blogged about it!

  11. - Canon rules!
    - pepsi
    - PC
    _ cooking
    - Handmade is the best thats where the love is

  12. Canon is a keeper
    Pepsi please
    Definitely homemade
    Handmade holds more meaning

  13. love this list! saw it on strumpet's crumpets blog. :)
    i agree with you on all of it minus the pc/mac...i think id prefer to be a mac though, just had to go with what i could get cheap (pc).
    love your blog!