Sunday, October 10, 2010

R & R with the roaming gnome

It is almost noon and I am still in my pajamas.  I think it is going to be one of those days.  I've been pretty productive so I think I'm entitled to a little bit of laziness.  All my etsy orders are complete and should arrive in their new homes in the next couple days.  
We spent yesterday shopping for guitars and it was rather draining.  Who knew there were so many options out there and such a difference in price range as well.

We got some other shopping done as well.

JAWS bars!  Anyone who has been to Korean may know of these, probably my favorite snack as a kid. And even though my kid has never been there I have passed along my love for these.

Some new additions to my tape collection.

Pocket Pie molds to make some delicious goodies.

How was everyone else's weekend?  Sometimes it is good to just relax don't you think?


  1. if you can't relax on a Sunday, when can you :) We went to the garden centre this morning & I did some cutting back, but this afternoon, we've done NOTHING, just sat and watched old funny movies & snoozed - FAB! x PS LOVE the gnome

  2. Such a cute Gnome!!!
    Hope you are enjoying your lazy time lady :)

  3. I love your gnome! I can't wait to receive my little pouch, I may be too excited :D

  4. So many goodies in this post! I hope you enjoyed your pajama day!

  5. I love it!! Hes fabulous :)

    i was wondering why i hadnt seen any of your new posts and thhen just figured out i hadnt been following you. Im so stoopid!!

  6. I LOVE pj days! I wish I could have more of them! ;)
    Jaws bars!!? How awesome!
    Did you find a guitar? I know nothing about them either, but my dad is way into guitars!
    My aunt has those pocket pie molds! I've never used them, I can;t wait to see what you make!!

    Oh and your gnome is so cute and completely cool! :)

  7. Your weekend sounds great! I took a "fall foliage drive" across Michigan... it was soooo dreamy and the weather was perfect.

    Anyway, here's to a good week ahead! :)

  8. Eeee, I'm so excited for my Totoro to get here! And all those tapes are so cute, I really need to get my own collection started.