Tuesday, October 5, 2010


Blue Raspberry (my all time favorite), not to be confused with the regular raspberry (which is good too). 

Black Cherry, again not to be confused with regular cherry

Regular Cherry

Pina Colada, not my favorite.  It tasted like suntan lotion.

I should start a collection of all the flavors I try... keep your eyes peeled.


  1. We saw Rita's over the weekend! I've never been!! Now I have to go!! There's one on Kennedy in Tampa, do you know of any others? I'll google it! ;)
    The iceeeee place near the house closed :( and we need a new one - I'm sure you understand lol

  2. hahaha you are an addict, aren't you?
    it looks yummy. I'm sure it would easily become anyone's addiction.

  3. Are those water ice? They look delicious!

  4. They all look delicious. Did you eat them all in one day?

  5. I think that one on Kennedy closed down, I saw a chicken place where it use to be the last time I drove by. I do like Rita's, some of their flavors have fruit bits in them I don't mind them but the boyfriend doesn't the bits.

    They are very addicting and delicious. I did not eat them all in one day even though I probably could.

  6. Hi - I just happened to come across your super cute blog and saw this post. Now I want to travel across the U.S. to find a Rita's! Those look SO good!