Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Toy Drive

We are having a toy drive for All Children's Hospital in St. Pete, Florida for the holidays.  Each department was given a large box to fill and decorate.  As a department we decided to make ours an elf and I have been working on bringing him to life.  He is missing a shoe because I free handed the first one and forgot to make a pattern for the second one so I have been putting it off til last.  Rachel has been helping me all day and I think we did a pretty nifty job so far.

These are the toys we've brought in, not bad for only 4 people contributing so far.  Hopefully we will have more as it gets closer to the 15th which is when the boxes will to the hospital. 

Sorry for the less than stellar cell phone pics.

Sunday, November 28, 2010

I'm dreaming of a white christmas

This year we went with a black, white, and silver theme for the tree.  I am still in need of a skirt for the bottom.

Sunday brunch

I really don't like eggs that much but it has become really hard finding things to eat in the morning that aren't laced in carbs.  If I have to eat eggs I refuse to eat the yellow part so I bought a carton of egg whites and tried making omelette.  Is it an omelette if you don't fold it in half?  I sauteed some red onions, fresh spinach, artichoke, and roasted red pepper then added the egg white until it poofed up.  Flipped over and added some fresh mozzarella on top which melted as the other side finished cooking.  Seasoned with salt and pepper of course.  

New desk buddy, he needs a good name.  Any suggestions?

We're putting up our tree today so more pictures of that coming later.

Saturday, November 27, 2010

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas

This is the first year I am actually decorating the bathroom for the holidays.  I figured since we will be having Christmas at our house this year we'd go all out.  

Have you started decorating?  What rooms do you typically focus on?  Are there any places in your house that get neglected?  I'll be moving on to the kitchen and dining room next.

Monday, November 22, 2010

Garland modification

I decided I wanted some garland on the front porch railing so we went to the store to pick some up this evening.  I couldn't find exactly what I wanted so I decided modify the garland I bought.

This is how the garland came, the only decoration were the pinecones.  I really wanted the holly berries to give it a little color but I didn't like the look of the garland that had berries so I added them myself.

I got 3 bundles of berries for $6 total.

My little helper.

After a lot of sniffing the final approval was given.  We modified two large garlands in about ten minutes for a total of $26 bucks.  I can't wait to put it up tomorrow when there is some daylight outside.

Have you decorated yet?  Is there something you are looking forward to making or putting up this year?

Sunday, November 21, 2010

The morning routine

Every morning Monday - Sunday.  I'm earning those rewards points with a quickness. 
I hate hot drinks so even when it is freezing outside, always ICED!

Cute enough to eat

Just a quick update on the completed gingerbread fella.  I seriously can't wait to get my ornament partner so I can make some ornaments.  I found out last night that we may be having some house guests for the holidays which means a little extra decorating around the house to be extra festive.  

Also, I am sorry the white balance is off on the photo I was just too lazy to adjust it and I am trying to get ready to take a short road trip.

Saturday, November 20, 2010

The holidays begin

The holidays are just round the corner if you haven't noticed.  Has anyone started to decorate yet?  Becky over at Strumpet's Crumpets is having a handmade ornament swap and I think you might be able to squeeze in if you hurry hurry.  I can't wait to get my partner so I can get started.  In the meantime I am working on some decorations to get into the mood.  The chocolate looking log is going to be a gingerbread man soon.  The kid said it looked like a turd.  I guess if your turds have eyes, an arm and legs.  

We have a white tree, some people like them and others don't.  I know it isn't realistic but it sure is pretty.  We went with a blue, white, and silver last year but are changing it slightly this year.  This year I have decided on black, white, and silver.  I know some people with like that even less.  

What kind of tree do you have?  Do you go with a color theme or just have an assortment of ornaments you have collected over the years?  We always had a mismatch tree with lots of ornaments I made as a child.  I think my dad kept every piece of artwork or craft I ever created.  That tree was really special, I miss it.

Friday, November 19, 2010

crafty goodness

Becky is super uber awesome and is hosting a crafty ornament swap.  Today is the last day for signups so run over there NOW!!!!!!

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

What's in your purse

Becky over at strumpets & crumpets had a cute what's in your bag post so I thought I would post mine.  What's in my bag? Junk!  Lexi purse filled with:
Keys, chapstick, thread, flashlight, headphones, bandaids, pens, change purse, medicine, glucose monitor, insulin case, wallet, too many pens, peach orbit gum, work badge
It doesn't look as heavy as it actually is.

Putting the miles on the sneakers

Rachel over at eugeniawoods was nice enough to model the raspberry scarf this morning which has since sold and added more money for charity.

Hopefully she will be nice enough to model the mustard color one tomorrow :)

This morning was a 5 mile run which took me about an hour.  I'll be doing it again tomorrow.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Run run as fast as you can

I have signed up for the 10k Turkey Trot on Thanksgiving morning.  Since it is only a few weeks away I am cranking my training routine into full gear so I do not pass out at anytime during the 6.2 miles.  I will also be raising money for Diabetes, if you would like to donate there is a button over on my right sidebar.  For those who are not aware I was recently diagnosed with adult onset Type 1 Diabetes so this cause has become close to my heart.  It has been a difficult struggle to say the least and can not imagine having to go through this as a child.    
Please watch this video with each view until Nov 14 a child with diabetes gets insulin that will save their life. 

I'm stoked!

I received 6 requests for scarves from the last post so all the money from those will be donated.  I will also make a scarf for anyone else who donates $35 or more via the link on the right sidebar.  I'll send you an email to see what color you'd like or you can email me secretlylovespink@gmail.com

I will also include anyone that donates $1 or more in for a giveaway for a nice package of some handmade goodies :)
Thanks in advance!

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Turn back the hands of time

I completely forgot about the time change and I was awake at 5am this Sunday morning.  I made this scarf to keep warm and to cover up my neck/chest.  It was a very basic pattern, chain as many as you want to get a length you are happy with, slip stitch to connect.  Then double crochet to your hearts content until you are happy with the width.  I used a N hook which is 10mm and thick yarn.

And please excuse the cluster in the background things are in dire need of cleaning around here.

It looks like it is going to heat up by mid week so I'll be sure to get the most out of my scarf today :)

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Chilly Willy

Florida has caught a chill and I love it!  I was getting so jealous reading everyone's posts about cooler weather and all the fall loveliness.  I know it is going to warm back up next week but I'll take what I can get at this point.  Starting on a new blanket and it looks like this will be the color combo.  Oddly enough when I planned it out the colors were completely different and I don't know how they ended up like this.  I guess sometimes you just have to ride it out and see where it takes you.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

When it rains it pours

Sometimes you just need to step back and take care of yourself physically, medically, and emotionally.

I think things are starting to get back on track.  I finally got a doctor that I like even if I have to drive halfway across town to see him.  I will be spending the next 4 Saturday mornings going to class to help me manage anything and everything related to my diabetes.  The other health issue is slowly making it's way out of my life.

Things are getting back to normal in regular everyday life even if there are a few things I still wish I could change.  I hope everyone has been doing well.... I have missed so much and can't wait to catch up on your lives.

Are succulents perfect?  So simple and so lovely.