Saturday, November 20, 2010

The holidays begin

The holidays are just round the corner if you haven't noticed.  Has anyone started to decorate yet?  Becky over at Strumpet's Crumpets is having a handmade ornament swap and I think you might be able to squeeze in if you hurry hurry.  I can't wait to get my partner so I can get started.  In the meantime I am working on some decorations to get into the mood.  The chocolate looking log is going to be a gingerbread man soon.  The kid said it looked like a turd.  I guess if your turds have eyes, an arm and legs.  

We have a white tree, some people like them and others don't.  I know it isn't realistic but it sure is pretty.  We went with a blue, white, and silver last year but are changing it slightly this year.  This year I have decided on black, white, and silver.  I know some people with like that even less.  

What kind of tree do you have?  Do you go with a color theme or just have an assortment of ornaments you have collected over the years?  We always had a mismatch tree with lots of ornaments I made as a child.  I think my dad kept every piece of artwork or craft I ever created.  That tree was really special, I miss it.


  1. :) awwwww Did he really!? That's so awesome!
    I LOVE white trees! I have a white tree! Brian likes traditional trees - boo! I have a bunch of florida ornaments, so that's sorta the theme. I can't wait to see more of the black, white and silver tree! Oh and that lil ginger bread man!!!

    oh the craft show was really a crap show lol I didn't really find anything I liked there! Nothing! But it wasn't a waste bc we went to rainbow's end :)

  2. For the last five years we had a fake tree. This year we decided we're going to get a real 4" tree. Our decorations are the same we've had for years - home made ones from when I was a kid, and ornaments we've had for ever.

  3. If so, than it's a pretty darn cute turd.
    I did some crocheting too today, but owls of course;)

    My little tree is white as well. I really like white trees, you can match any color with it and go for either a classic or a more colorful modern look. I'm thinking I'll either go with lots of colors or all white and purple this year.
    Your color combo's lovely!

  4. We always got a real tree and decorated with a mixture of ornaments from all the place! Kid projects, antiques from my mom's relatives, ornaments that represented each child's birth year, etc... Even though it was such a jumble of ornaments it always looked beautiful!

    I like your color scheme of your tree a lot. I think I'd like to start out like that with keeping a theme and color scheme and then once I have kids I'm sure it will branch out to crafty ornaments and such!

    Cute turd, btw!!!

  5. I kill real trees within about 4 days, so we always have a fake one. I have ornaments from forever ago, and far too many, of all descriptions, but use a ton of red and silver bows to make it appear non-chaotic. We have garlands of ornies strung around the ceiling, and I have 3 little three foot trees with more teensy on them. Hoard much? :O)
    I love the black & white tree. If I had enough room I'd pull a Martha Stewart and have 6 or 7 themed trees. I barely have room for the one i have though, and I actually have to make a chair live in the shed for Xmas to fit the tree inside. :OP

  6. i technically have 3 trees.. technically :p

    1 in my own house.. my living room is nordic/ red and white themed.

    My mums living room - a big 7 foot tree (i complained a lot when i was like 15 because i was 6'0 tall and taller than our christmas tree so we got a giant one) and mums living room is gold and cream in colours...

    then in her conservatory we have a black tree.. with black silver white and purple decorations. It looks great as we have black tiles in there and a black and cream sofa etc. Her dining room is all bright and indian colours. I love it. I freakin love chrismtas.

    I have to do all the decorating though because "im the creative one".. I think shes just lazy...

    it takes me about 3 days to do them all!