Sunday, November 28, 2010

Sunday brunch

I really don't like eggs that much but it has become really hard finding things to eat in the morning that aren't laced in carbs.  If I have to eat eggs I refuse to eat the yellow part so I bought a carton of egg whites and tried making omelette.  Is it an omelette if you don't fold it in half?  I sauteed some red onions, fresh spinach, artichoke, and roasted red pepper then added the egg white until it poofed up.  Flipped over and added some fresh mozzarella on top which melted as the other side finished cooking.  Seasoned with salt and pepper of course.  

New desk buddy, he needs a good name.  Any suggestions?

We're putting up our tree today so more pictures of that coming later.


  1. I am the same way about eggs - I am not a huge fan, but can tolerate fancy breakfast dishes, like frittatas.

  2. this looks and sounds amazing! yum yum yum

  3. Hmm, mozarella on an omelet, I should try that.

    I just saw a show on Mimic Octopi today, those creatures can pretend to be so many different sea creatures its unbelievable!

    Yours is very cute!

  4. yum! I like my eggs alil brown lol (not runny)
    I should try eating more eggs and less carbons in the morning too!
    Love the squid! squids have beaks, name him beaker!

  5. i like beaker :) i need to try amiguriami (i think i spelt it ok) I really want to make a piggy!

    I bought some monserrano ham at the continental market.. Im very excited about my breakfast this morning of poached eggs and ham. yum!

  6. Frittata sounds fancier than flat omelet :)

    Beaker it is. I think everyone should make amis!