Sunday, November 7, 2010

Turn back the hands of time

I completely forgot about the time change and I was awake at 5am this Sunday morning.  I made this scarf to keep warm and to cover up my neck/chest.  It was a very basic pattern, chain as many as you want to get a length you are happy with, slip stitch to connect.  Then double crochet to your hearts content until you are happy with the width.  I used a N hook which is 10mm and thick yarn.

And please excuse the cluster in the background things are in dire need of cleaning around here.

It looks like it is going to heat up by mid week so I'll be sure to get the most out of my scarf today :)


  1. whooo that's pretty chilly! Here in TN it was 28 degrees this morning! That's a lovely scarf btw : )

  2. I love your scarf! It looks really warm!

  3. Your scarf is lovely! It doesn't look like you will be needing it!

  4. great scarf, wish I could crochet. We've got our wood-burner going for the first time today it's soooo cold :) x

  5. Crazy temperatures! :)
    I love your "mess" - please! You should still see our house lolol so mess, but clean! I cleaned, but then the boys just put STUFF everywhere! legos, laptop, socks, cars, sneakers, but I'm the same - yarn, books, laptop :) messy!

    The scarf is perfect!! :)

  6. i love the scarf!! And you shuold definitely check my mess. its dangerous to get up in the middle of the night and not turn the light on!