Friday, December 30, 2011

Oh Hai

Say hello to Casper!  She is my very first Blythe ever and pretty darn cute.  
I have to be completely honest and say I never liked these dolls before even though I had seen them around the internet for years.  
All little while back Becky got Charlotte and I saw her one day and knew I HAD to have one.
Now the dilemma was where in the world to find a doll not licensed to be sold in the US....

I think most people get their dolls via ebay but I have heard horror stories and frankly I am terrified to use it.  Flickr to the rescue.
I found Casper on Amelie's Flickr feed and saw she was looking for a new home and without much hesitation I snatched her up.  
She was coming all the way from France during the holidays so I knew I would be waiting, the question was how long?  While I waited I made this dress and hat, I was pretty happy they fit since I really didn't have any point of reference.

Oh and to really prove how this new obsession is taking over before I even had my very first Blythe in hand I spotted Kate's Flickr feed and saw she had a few custom dolls for sale.  She was very nice even with all my ridiculous questions do to my inexperience with Blythe's in general.
I went ahead in all my excitement and adopted this sweet-faced doll.
Kate has made some really amazing custom dolls and I can't wait until mine is here.
I know she currently has a couple for sale so go take a lookie.

Oh and I have been making doll clothes and hats for the girls
This red poka dot dress with a pocket.
A strawberry dress and a totoro helmet in progress.  As well as the blue dress in the first photo.
Casper came to me with that hot pink straight hair, I'm told it is a guava scalp??? Anywho her previous owner was nice enough to also send over her light pink cotton candy hair as well.  It took a bit of work to remove the hot pink hair but I managed to get it off.  I think most people glue them on but I haven't and can just swap between the two without any issues with them falling off unglued.  

Can't wait for the new girl to come, I think I am going to name her Frankie but we'll see for sure once I have her in hand.

Thanks again to Amelie and Kate for all their patience and guidance.  

So here's the real question... Do you have any Blythe dolls?  Want Blythe dolls?  Never heard of Blythe dolls?  

FYI.... ohstrumpets Blythe blog so we don't have to bomb our personal blogs with Blythe stuff cause at the moment I'm obsessed.

Monday, December 12, 2011

So darn busy

I know it's been a long while since my last post.  Becky and I have been so busy with the holiday craft shows we did this year.  I am assuming things will slow down a bit we can all get back into the swing of things.
I need to get my shopping done, my house is a disaster, and I need to catch up on some serious ZZzzzzZz's.

What have you all been up to recently?  

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Do you want to win?

Head on over to Oh Strumpets to enter to win this package of goodies.


If you have an iphone or ipad and are on Instagram let me know your name on there so I can find you.


Sunday, November 13, 2011

Every color under the rainbow

I really do love all colors, I think that is why rainbows are so perfect!
We celebrated a birthday last night so I decided to make one of those rainbow cakes I kept seeing around on pinterest.  I have to be honest it was a pain to make but the final result is well worth it.
Happy Birthday Nat!!!!

Started on this rainbow ripple blanket a little while back.  I really need to find some extra time to finish is up.

So many little bits of rainbow colors are all around my room.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Get your shop on

Becky and I are still working on tweaking and updating the shop but there are some items now listed.  If you're in the market for some handmade goodies please stop on by.  Don't forget the holidays are just around the corner
Oh Strumpets Store

Working on my fitness

I'm loving on some gadgets these days especially when it comes to fitness/weightloss/diet junk.  I seem to rationalize my purchases by convincing myself that they will motivate me to keep going.  When they do it's a nice little surprise.

This handy thing tells me how out of shape I am currently.  I'm still getting use to it and learning all the little gizmos it can do.  So far I love it!

Hey do you see that?  My pants are too big and are being held up by a safety pin....I hate belts.  I know they are all the rage these days but I just can't stand wearing them.  

Since I was trying on clothes I thought I would give super skinny jeans a shot.  I wasn't impressed by how big they made my thighs look.  The only good thing about them was they fit my butt, which in case you didn't know I don't have one.  I blame it on the asian genes because it surely didn't come from my puerto rican side.  Most of the time it looks like I'm carrying a load in my pants because my pant size to booty ratio is waaaaay off.  I think I will give the skinnys another shot in a few weeks when my thighs have shrunken a bit.  If anyone can recommend a good brand/style of these types of jeans I'd appreciate it.  Preferably something that will make my ass look like I could back that thing up!!!!

In the end you really can't lose weight and look good without exercising.  Everyone wants that number on the scale to go down, down, down but what good is a number if you're a flabby blob.  

Oh, and for the record I am doing weight watchers online.  It's definitely working and I highly recommend it.  If you're on Instagram search and add the tag #igwwclub 

Monday, November 7, 2011

Craft Show Goodness

I just want to say Thanks again and Hi to all the new visitors to the blog that came over from the craft show this weekend.  Becky and I hope to do some more shows soon, it was so great meeting so many people.
I sold out of all the little big head bears but I am working on making some more for those who were interested.  
The bears and other goodies can be found HERE

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Oh Strumpets!

Thanks to everyone that came out today to the "Holiday Affair" craft show down in St. Pete.  Becky and I are exhausted but had a blast!

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Halloween good time at work

Halloween is quite a big deal at work.
Most years we create a haunted house and scare the crap out of a lot of people.  It's a lot of work but in the end it all comes together and we have a good time.  This year our theme was the Forbidden Forest, you can see in the last photo I was a bear.  Ferocious right?!  

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Making and Selling

Becky and I have our first local craft fair coming up on November 6th so we have been busy making things which leaves little time for blogging when you also have a full time job and family to take care of.
The totoro's are slowly multiplying and I am so happy.  It is going to be hard letting go of these things... if you didn't know I am a HUGE totoro fan.  He is probably my most favorite character EVER!
We did manage to squeeze in some crafting over the weekend, I finish up some crochet coasters (do you see Mickey's butt, he's so cute).  We also taught Becky's sister Lauren how to crochet a granny stripe blanket.  She's doing amazing and can you belive she is a beginner?  I think she will have her blanket up for sale at the Holiday Affair Craft Fair we are doing so if you can make it please come on by and say Hi. 

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Work it out

Do you remember sometime last month I mentioned I started WeightWatchers?  Well it's been about 4 weeks and I am still on it.  Oddly enough it has been incredibly easy.  I still eat pints of ice-cream in one sitting, I just make sure I account for it.  

Anyone who has been successful at any type of weightloss will tell you it's about eating less and moving more.  I decided last night it was finally time to get my running shoes back on.
Here are the details from my first workout.
Total time: 55mins 51secs
Actual Running time: 42mins 02secs
Side Cramping: started at 14mins and lasted 1min 18secs
Calf Cramping: started at 55mins and were so bad I had to stop

Monday, October 3, 2011

A Grand Opening for Eugenia Woods

I'd have to say it was a great night for a store opening.  Those of us in the Tampabay area have been blessed with slightly cooler weather which was just icing on the cake for the Eugenia Woods party. 

(additional photos can be found on The Eugenia Woods Blog)

Sunday, October 2, 2011

More mail

My winnings from the Freckled Nest giveaway are still making there way to me.  I received this handmade pincushion from Vics over at BrambleBird.  I really do love things people make so much better than mass produced items.  
With the holidays fast approaching shopping for gifts has crossed my mind a few times.  I would like to challenge myself to make or buy handmade items as much as possible this year.
What about you?  Do you plan to buy handmade?

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Not a tutorial but an explanation

I started this baby blanket recently and am trying to get it done sooner rather than later.  My idea on the color scheme was grey with a mixture of random non matching colors (I must be around Rachel too much).    
I think I am still undecided on the idea but at this point I'm too far into and so it's happening.
I get questions on the pattern, it's quite easy and not mine.  It's a basic grant stripe, nothing fancy...I'm sure it's been around for years.
Here is the hook I use.  Never pay attention to the letter, you will find different brands and manufacturers are not the same.  The most important thing to look for is the number.  This one here is a 6.0mm  if I wasn't so lazy I would dig through my cup of hooks and find a "J" that has a different number to prove my point but you can just take my word on it this time.
Here is a link to the Attic24 blog that has the actual pattern.  
I'm not even going to try and explain the chain count and first row.  It confused me at first.  Use a calculator, I did...not all asians are good in math.  I modify mind because sometimes I miss count those chains and I have extras...I've been known to tuck those in.  Once you get past this part the rest is easy!  (If you have questions let me know and I will try and explain the starting process)

You will make 3 double crochet's in each space, see the yellow arrow above.  Keep going until you reach the end.  The turn, chain 3 and continue the pattern.
Check out that action shot.  
I'm sure I've confused some of you.  

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Handmade shop

I've been busy making these infinity scarves the past few weeks.  They are pretty snugglie and great for the cooler weather that will hopefully be coming soon.  I will be selling them at my bud Rachel and her sister's handmade shop which will be opening in downtown Saint Petersburg, Florida.  The grand opening party is this Saturday night.
If you are anywhere in the Tampabay area you should stop by the store and check things out.  The store will be open Tuesday - Saturday 11am-6pm.  The girls have put in a lot of hard work, the shop will be filled will all sorts of handmade items to decorate your home or yourself.

645 Central Ave.  Arcade Building #10
Saint Petersburg, Florida

The girls really want to support the DIY lifestyle and will be offering classes with all sorts of fun projects.  I will be teaching some classes there as well.  I think the first is going to be an amigurumi cupcake.  I'll keep you updated.

Please spread the word, I'm sure the girls would love it!!

Oh, and if you're not in the area and would like to by a scarf let me know :)

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

A bad blogger's craft room

I guess I haven't been online recently.  If I'm going to be honest it's been a mixture of too tired and too lazy.  Seems like by the time I get home from work all I want to do is sit around and veg out.  Most recently I got back into playing Animal Crossing City Folk on the Wii.  If you've ever played the game you'd understand how much time it sucks out of your life.  I am truly addicted, I've been playing since the GameCube version came out back in the day. 
My craft room has been neglected as well.  Stuff is just piling up on top of each other, so many unfinished projects so little time.
I keep all my in progress crochet projects on this chair.  The dogs shed so much I have to keep it away from anything they touch.  I currently have 5 blankets that have yet to be completed, I have a problem with finishing projects.

Here are a few peeks into my room... I never realized it was so colorful.
There is so much more going on in this room but I will save that for next time.

I would love to see everyone else's space.  Please leave some links so we can visit :)