Saturday, February 5, 2011

Busy as bee... (they will probably make that into a Geico commercial)

I've been a little busy this past week so the posting has been a little light so here is a quick recap since I probably won't have too much free time this weekend to spend on the computer.  I will be spending the most of my day today and tomorrow at work.
I made this angry birds pig as part of a co-workers birthday present.  Almost anyone with an iphone will know who he is :)  I think it's on the android market too.

Another last minute thrown together meal.  The kid really liked it so I will be making it again and will post a recipe in case anyone is interested.  This version wasn't the healthiest but there are a few ways to modify it to make it better for you.  Next time I make it I will sneak some of those in there to see if anyone notices.  If I tell the boys I changed something to make it healthier they always say they can tell and don't like it.  If I say nothing, they have no idea.  Ugh boys!  

Started on book one of the Hunger Games.  I didn't realize it was such a popular series.  When I am carrying it around people always seem to comment or ask questions about it.  I have become so use to reading on the nook and people not knowing what I'm reading it comes as a little surprise when I get questions about it.  

Gardening still consumes my daylight hours when I am home.  Each day that goes by the sun seems to stay around a little longer.  I can't wait until summer when the daylight sticks around after 8pm.  The blistering heat I can live without.
I also said goodbye to my old car.  I found this photo from when we first picked it up from the dealership.  I will post some photos of the new car later.

Now I am off to work @ 7am on a Saturday.  Does anyone have some fun plans that I can live vicariously through?


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  2. Hunger Games is one of my fav all time books! :)
    I have a tshirt that says Katniss could whip Bella anyday. (I liked Twilight too, but not as much). I was so excited when one of my students was actually reading it. I wanted to stop everything and talk about it, haha, kind of inappropriate since it was FRENCH class.

  3. I still haven't played angry birds but I have heard all about it. Your dish looks delish! I will def be looking forward to that recipe.
    I have said this so many times but I absolutely can't wait to start my garden this year. I am so excited about it!!

    And I really need to check that book out! I keep hearing wonderful things about it!

    No great plans for the weekend other than crocheting some orders and cleaning house! Fun! haha.

    I hope your weekend doesn't suck too much! i will be spending next weekend like that.
    Take care beautiful friend!

  4. that cars a monster! i love your little crochet man!

  5. I.want.that.pig! Love angry birds, it's so cute!

  6. As michelle said above: I.Want.A.Piggie!!

  7. Love the little pig! What's this about trading handmade? :) Like you, I can't wait for the long days... The heat, not so much. Happy Sunday!

  8. Don't have an iPhone, but still love what you made, it's very cute;)

    And the pasta looks delicious!

    P.S. I'm passing on a Stylish Blogger Award to you:

  9. I don't know what angry birds is but I sure do like that pig. As for exciting plans, does staying home all day and handsewing count? Probably not...

  10. Gardening sounds so nice right now! It's a blizzard out and I'm enjoying your warm weather pictures :)

  11. Gardening sounds so nice right now! It's a blizzard out and I'm enjoying your warm weather pictures :)

  12. hee hee, love the angry birds pig - so good x

  13. The Hunger Games is FREKAING INCREDIBLE. Yeah I'm one of those girls. Trust me, you will see. Just be happy that all the books are out so you don't have to wait like I did. Haha. I hope you enjoy it :D