Friday, March 18, 2011


There are so many ways to connect with people these days.  It just seems so overwhelming to keep up with it all.  Phone, Email, Texting, Twitter, Facebook, Blogging, Instagram, Flickr, you could go on forever. 
I’m always curious to know how people are connecting and how they seem to manage it all so effortlessly.  I never seem to be able to keep up with it all, something always seems to get neglected.

I hate talking on the phone so I try and keep that to a bare minimum. 
Emails always seem to get backed up because of volume.  {secretlylovespink at gmail com}
Tweeting for me is always so hit or miss, I try but if you’re not on top of it there are so many tweets I never have a chance to read.  {olivialovespink}
On the other hand I love texting, so easy, so quick, and convenient.  If you have my number, text me I LOVE them. {#}
Facebook…I try and stay away from as much as possible.  I only use it to see what old friends that live so far away are up to. {it's pretty much on lock down}
Instant messengers, YES.  It’s pretty much like texting in my opinion and I enjoy chatting it up. {aim and google talk, both under secretlylovespink, I hate that you have to enter the entire email addy including the for aim these days}
If you have an iphone, Instagram (free app) is a fun way to see your friends photos and make comments. {oliveoh}
Did I miss anything?  How are all you connecting these days?


  1. I'm connecting via twitter, fb, and text - makes me wonder how anyone survived without them!!!

    Have a lovely Monday girl!

  2. I too can't stand the telephone - never have, so despise having a mobile for anything other than texting
    I do email, though only friends
    I love to reply to comments left on my blog - usually via my blog
    And I love to write letters - but don't seem to manage many these days because of all the above! x

  3. I totally sympathize with the overwhelming feeling of trying to keep up with facebook, multiple email accounts and texting and IM'ing. I haven't jumped on the twitter bandwagon yet because I just can't bear the idea of having yet another account I don't keep up with :)

    In fact, my hotmail account has gotten so dire that cleaning out the sixteen pages in my inbox has become one of my goals of the month!

    By the way, I discovered your blog through Crumpet's Strumpets and am enjoying your posts :)


  4. I'm bad at phone calls too! My sister is the only one who ever gets me on the phone (bc I miss her so much)! I didn't think I'd like twitter but I kinda do! Kinda! I text ALOT! I don't have a facebook, but everyone tells me to get one! I use to use instant messenger - but never now. I LOVE instantagram SO SO SO SO SO much, take awesome photos and see all your friends! It's awesome!
    oh and I've been a bad emailer here lately!

  5. I know what you mean... it's hard to keep up with it all.

    My main forms of communication with (closer) friends is email or phone. We're also connected on Twitter and FB, but I tend not to use this as a means of communication as much, because I think it's much more impersonal.
    Honestly, I hate when close friends just post birthday wishes on your facebook wall :( what about a real handwritten card or AT LEAST a personal email!

  6. What strikes me as interesting is not just the variety of networking resources, but how they have, since the 90's when I was growing up, been linking and connecting to each other so much, so you just need one account somewhere to access ten other things now :3 lol