Thursday, July 7, 2011

Ono Hawaiian style

Nothing reminds you of home like food does.  Since there really aren't any local spots that serve up the stuff we grew up on around here there really is no other option than cooking at home when we start to get a craving.
Tuesday night we had some Chicken Katsu with sticky white rice.  In Hawaii you don't have to define rice but I have found over the years living on the mainland that most people think of that nasty minute rice that comes in a box.  Ugh, call me a rice snob but yuck!  Maybe it is a genetic thing but rice in my eyes is meant to be sticky and never should it have butter added to it.  The thought makes me cringe.  

This was the first time making it and I was a little nervous about getting the sauce right.  G is probably the pickiest person on the planet and never really sugar coats his opinions on things so he is a good person to bounce things off and get a honest answer.
We got a thumbs up!  He said it was very good and the sauce was right too.


  1. Love Chicken Katsu! We have a little Hawaiian restaurant here in my hometown. The guy moved here from Hawaii. One of my favorites. I try to eat there a bunch! :)

  2. Mmmm that looks amazing! If I lived near you, id definitely be inviting myself over for dinner ;)

  3. Chicken katsu is super yummmeh! I only wish I had a dish right in front of me right now! And gosh. I'm a rice snob too... I never eat minute rice. I also never cook my rice on the stovetop. I like my rice plain, no seasonings, no butter. Just lovely, lovely, yummy rice.
    ♥ laura
    the blog of worldly delights

  4. Love that he's so picky lololol Eli is a picky eater - drives me nuts!!!!!!!!!!!! Looks so so so good!
    My dad is a sticky rice lover too! NEVER instant ;)