Saturday, September 10, 2011

Friday night festivities

My Friday night was thrilling how about yours?  Lots of bottles popping and rump shaking going on here...not really.  I spent the majority of the evening doing homework and then crocheting scarves for the new EugeniaWoods Store that will be opening October 1st in downtown St. Petersburg, Florida
It's kind of hard to tell what they actually look like when they are stacked but you can see here how they look worn on the lovely Miss Rachel.

I also watched "Love Actually", I couldn't find it on Netflix so I had to dig through our dvd collection.  It was a nice quiet evening and even though I feel like a grandma I had an enjoyable evening.  I think I did enough partying in my 20's to last a few lifetimes.

How did you spend your Friday?


  1. This sounds like my evenings! And these are beautiful!

  2. My evening was almost identical to that and I loved it! Add in a little wine and change the knitting to sewing pillows though. I'll be in the St. Pete area visiting the Dali museum sometime soon, maybe I'll put it off until October so I can visit the shop as well!

    A Sweet Release

  3. Aww these scarves look beautiful! I really should start knitting and crocheting presents soon! You've just reminded me.

    My Friday was spent reading and then watching Saving Private Ryan because I thought it was the war movie where Michael Fassbender starred with James McAvoy. Wrong.
    ♥ laura

    the blog of worldly delights

  4. Those scarves are lovely!
    My Friday consisted of, writing letters, re-designing my blog, making wrist warmers, and watching Mad Men.

  5. Haha -- you are not a grandma! I happen to enjoy nights where all I'm doing is crafting and watching movies.

    Love Actually is such a movie staple of mine, especially during the holiday season! I watch it every year. :)

  6. Just found your blog via freckled nest and i love it ;) I would love to follow each other, if you like my blog of course!


  7. Pretty scarves! Sounds like a fun evening indeed :)

  8. So pretty! I want one, in all colors :D

  9. Aint no shame in an evening like this! Love the colours, love the blog.
    Toni xo
    (Lost Cabin)

  10. awwwww yes!! These are so great!! The colors are wonderful! I'm so excited for Rachel! :)

  11. LOVE these - I've been knitting scarves recently though they're not half as gorgeous as yours :) and Love Actually is one of my favourite films so it sounds like a perfect night! x