Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Here we go again

In case you didn't know I love food and eat way too much.  Just look at my instagram feed and you will see about 85% is food.  In an attempt to get my weight down to a normal healthy range I signed up for WW.com  Today will be my first day of counting those points; we'll see how it goes.
Anyone else using WW?  Can you be friends on there like you can with the myfitnesspal app?
I'd like to find some weightloss blogs to read too, anyone have recommendations? 


  1. A great, inspirational weight loss blog is


    Good luck!


  2. Congrats on starting Weight Watchers! I have noticed a difference in my figure, I feel lighter and I'm eating better. It's still a struggle, but at least I'm being accountable.

  3. Today I broke my raw food detox diet for McDonalds... it was not worth it.

    I'm not currently on WW, but I've used it before and love it as a tool! Best of luck to you!

    Stay away from McDonalds.. :) Seriously, it wasn't even worth it, ugh.

  4. My mom had a lot of luck with WW and gave me all her stuff, but I mostly stuck with just tracking calories in vs calories out. I had a BodyBugg for awhile, and that helped me learn how many calories I was using. I also used SparkPeople.com. I went from 175 to 133.

  5. Good luck! A good friend of mine as been doing WW for awhile now with amazing results! Keep at it!

    A Sweet Release

  6. Aw, good luck! You will do great! :)

    Hmm, I can't think of any great weight loss blogs right now. If I come across any, I'll let you know!

  7. No advice but lots of support! You can do it :)

  8. Weight watchers is great if you can stick to it! Ironically I just posted yesterday about how I quit :/

  9. I think this is awesome and I promise to eat well around you - I NEED to eat better too! :( it's so tough for me! I LOVE food too! All types! haha!

  10. all the best with this O, sure you can do it, I know that those friends who've used WW all found it the best way for them & it's always helpful to have support. x

  11. Best wishes to you! I struggle with this all the time!

    I saw someone recommended http://wearelosingitblog.blogspot.com/ already but I had to say I LOVE her blog! Very inspiring!!