Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Texas ...Sunday edition

This is Piper... she was nice enough to eat my socks and let me watch her spazz out multiple times throughout the weekend.  Isn't she funny, I love her one ear up one down.  She's teeny and likes to hang out under the coffee table.

We made a trip out to The natural bridge caverns, it was amazing.

Can you believe there are people who have never made cupcakes?  I know right, nuts... as soon as I heard that I knew we HAD to make some.  

Last but not least Sushi from the place that ran out of ice....did I mention it is hot in Texas? 

I had a great time and I miss my bestie so much already.  I can't wait til her baby pops out so I can go visit again.


  1. oh my GOSH piper is melting my heart with cuteness!! <3

  2. i cannot get over how cute those ears are!!! xo

  3. mmm I have a confession to make, I have never tasted a cupcake in my life. Muffins yes, is it same? At least it doesn't look like that - I'm dying to make someday cupcakes at home or even better, to find a cupcake bakery!

    That dog is so cute!

  4. I want that sushi, looks so yummy! :)

  5. That Piper is such a cutie.....I loved all the pics in this post....but she really stole the show...haha!

  6. Such a cute pup, at least it was a sock and not a shoe! ;) That sushi looks delish, glad you had so much fun with the BFF!

  7. Piper is so cute!! Love her little ears.

  8. Piper is one adorable pup! And that sushi and those cupcakes are making me hungry!!

    <3 kris&kel

  9. ahhhh piper is the CUTEST!!!! that ear! haha!
    I love natural caverns! There's some up in northern FL - maybe we should take a trip up there! I just think they're amazing!

    Never had a cupcake - i'm confused!? ;)

    Yummmmmmm sushi

    great photos