Thursday, October 6, 2011

Work it out

Do you remember sometime last month I mentioned I started WeightWatchers?  Well it's been about 4 weeks and I am still on it.  Oddly enough it has been incredibly easy.  I still eat pints of ice-cream in one sitting, I just make sure I account for it.  

Anyone who has been successful at any type of weightloss will tell you it's about eating less and moving more.  I decided last night it was finally time to get my running shoes back on.
Here are the details from my first workout.
Total time: 55mins 51secs
Actual Running time: 42mins 02secs
Side Cramping: started at 14mins and lasted 1min 18secs
Calf Cramping: started at 55mins and were so bad I had to stop


  1. I've tried to go out for a walk this week but because it's been unseasonably warm (more like hot) farmers are burning their fields and I have to stay indoors. It bothers my asthma real bad and I can't exercise outside. I need a treadmill at home.

  2. way to keep it up! I am sure you are going to do great!!

  3. Way to go! Loving the pink phone cover as well :) Cutecity.

  4. Awesome! I live in a hilly area so I try to take 1-3 mile walks everyday. I've been slacking lately because it's been a little cold and rainy, but it's time to throw on a sweatshirt and get back at it!