Monday, November 7, 2011

Craft Show Goodness

I just want to say Thanks again and Hi to all the new visitors to the blog that came over from the craft show this weekend.  Becky and I hope to do some more shows soon, it was so great meeting so many people.
I sold out of all the little big head bears but I am working on making some more for those who were interested.  
The bears and other goodies can be found HERE


  1. I was so bummed I didn't live closer so I could come visit and buy some goodies! It looked like a blast!

    I told Becky yesterday that the night before I had had a dream that I flew down to hang out with you guys. Haha.

  2. how fun! i love that box full of goodies :)

  3. Hi, I found your blog through Becky's, and love it!!
    That box of tiny bears is just adorable

  4. :) those are the cutest little creatures in the first photo. glad you had lots of good luck at the craft show.

  5. those bears are the cutest!!!!

  6. how fun for a craft show!!! my grandma and mom do craft shows! they're always so fun!!

    allister bee blog