Thursday, November 10, 2011

Working on my fitness

I'm loving on some gadgets these days especially when it comes to fitness/weightloss/diet junk.  I seem to rationalize my purchases by convincing myself that they will motivate me to keep going.  When they do it's a nice little surprise.

This handy thing tells me how out of shape I am currently.  I'm still getting use to it and learning all the little gizmos it can do.  So far I love it!

Hey do you see that?  My pants are too big and are being held up by a safety pin....I hate belts.  I know they are all the rage these days but I just can't stand wearing them.  

Since I was trying on clothes I thought I would give super skinny jeans a shot.  I wasn't impressed by how big they made my thighs look.  The only good thing about them was they fit my butt, which in case you didn't know I don't have one.  I blame it on the asian genes because it surely didn't come from my puerto rican side.  Most of the time it looks like I'm carrying a load in my pants because my pant size to booty ratio is waaaaay off.  I think I will give the skinnys another shot in a few weeks when my thighs have shrunken a bit.  If anyone can recommend a good brand/style of these types of jeans I'd appreciate it.  Preferably something that will make my ass look like I could back that thing up!!!!

In the end you really can't lose weight and look good without exercising.  Everyone wants that number on the scale to go down, down, down but what good is a number if you're a flabby blob.  

Oh, and for the record I am doing weight watchers online.  It's definitely working and I highly recommend it.  If you're on Instagram search and add the tag #igwwclub 


  1. You got this girl! You are doing so well so far, you rock! Keep up the hard work and keep posting your progress!

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  3. Go girl! Good for you :) I love keeping up with people's progress and hearing their journey. I love that pic with the safety pin - awesome!! :)

  4. Yes you go!

    I have a weird shaped body and I love BDG jean from Urban outfitters they have always worked for me and they have lots of lengths to choose from and higher waist rise.

  5. I put WW on hold and I am eating clean. I've notice a difference right away and better results than with WW. My body has wicked sugar cravings, but I am feeling better, looking better and my behind looks fantastic!

  6. WOO!!! I've restarted my get healthy adventure - almost 2 weeks without sodas and fast food! And started back to exercising this week.
    I've never been able to make skinny jeans look good on me, so I have no recommendations on that!