Friday, December 30, 2011

Oh Hai

Say hello to Casper!  She is my very first Blythe ever and pretty darn cute.  
I have to be completely honest and say I never liked these dolls before even though I had seen them around the internet for years.  
All little while back Becky got Charlotte and I saw her one day and knew I HAD to have one.
Now the dilemma was where in the world to find a doll not licensed to be sold in the US....

I think most people get their dolls via ebay but I have heard horror stories and frankly I am terrified to use it.  Flickr to the rescue.
I found Casper on Amelie's Flickr feed and saw she was looking for a new home and without much hesitation I snatched her up.  
She was coming all the way from France during the holidays so I knew I would be waiting, the question was how long?  While I waited I made this dress and hat, I was pretty happy they fit since I really didn't have any point of reference.

Oh and to really prove how this new obsession is taking over before I even had my very first Blythe in hand I spotted Kate's Flickr feed and saw she had a few custom dolls for sale.  She was very nice even with all my ridiculous questions do to my inexperience with Blythe's in general.
I went ahead in all my excitement and adopted this sweet-faced doll.
Kate has made some really amazing custom dolls and I can't wait until mine is here.
I know she currently has a couple for sale so go take a lookie.

Oh and I have been making doll clothes and hats for the girls
This red poka dot dress with a pocket.
A strawberry dress and a totoro helmet in progress.  As well as the blue dress in the first photo.
Casper came to me with that hot pink straight hair, I'm told it is a guava scalp??? Anywho her previous owner was nice enough to also send over her light pink cotton candy hair as well.  It took a bit of work to remove the hot pink hair but I managed to get it off.  I think most people glue them on but I haven't and can just swap between the two without any issues with them falling off unglued.  

Can't wait for the new girl to come, I think I am going to name her Frankie but we'll see for sure once I have her in hand.

Thanks again to Amelie and Kate for all their patience and guidance.  

So here's the real question... Do you have any Blythe dolls?  Want Blythe dolls?  Never heard of Blythe dolls?  

FYI.... ohstrumpets Blythe blog so we don't have to bomb our personal blogs with Blythe stuff cause at the moment I'm obsessed.

Monday, December 12, 2011

So darn busy

I know it's been a long while since my last post.  Becky and I have been so busy with the holiday craft shows we did this year.  I am assuming things will slow down a bit we can all get back into the swing of things.
I need to get my shopping done, my house is a disaster, and I need to catch up on some serious ZZzzzzZz's.

What have you all been up to recently?