Monday, May 28, 2012

Vintage Singers

A little while back I went to the Flea Market with Becky and Eli.  I'm a super blog slacker but you can see Becky's post about it here.  It was very interesting... I'm not a huge thrift/yard sale/flea market kind of gal but it was a lot of fun and I scored this GEM.  1913 Vintage Singer Sewing machine for an amazing price. I only know the age because I looked up the serial number.  The machine is just gorgeous, when they say things like "they don't make them like they use to" THIS is what they are referring to. 
I finally sat in front of YouTube today and figured out how to thread the machine.  Surprisingly it was so simple, maybe not a surprise when you really think about it though.  It seems to work just fine but really needs a good cleaning and some serious oil.  I am going to take it in somewhere to have it professionally serviced.  Then I can just keep up with just regular oiling and maintenance.

So a few weeks after out Flea market adventure, me being the non thrift/garage sale/flea marketer went on another adventure to a place out in St.Pete, FL and I found this.  I quickly took this pic and text Becky to see if she wanted it.  For $30 she said "go get it!"

Now it sits nicely displayed on her bookshelf.  Her machine was recently serviced and seemed to work when I tested it out prior to the purchase.  

I think I am now obsessed and want another one.  I haven't been out since but I have a feeling the next time I do I will probably come across one and it will secretly be coming home with me.
This is how a hoarder's mind thinks....we are approaching dangerous grounds here :)

Anything new been happening with anyone?  I really need to catch up on blogs and start posting more often.  


  1. :) I love singer machines, I'm lucky enough to have my grandmother's (whose father was a tailor) & though it's not in it's original surround the machine itself is lovely. Enjoy! x

  2. :) I think they are just beautiful!!! Did you see Jackie looking at mine? :) She LOVED it!!
    Thank you soooooo much! And thank Conrad too for carrying it because they are NOT light! ;)
    I'm stoked for you to figure all this out so you can teach me ;)

  3. Such great finds! When I read on Becky's blog that you had been to a Flea Market I couldn't believe it! I am glad you found such a gem.