Sunday, September 30, 2012

Oh hai blog, long time no see

Welp the reality is the past few months have sucked and I really didn't want to blog.  Life keeps ticking on by even when you want it to just pause so you can catch your breath. 
Yesterday I decided to get my craft room sorted.  It's been a complete mess and in an attempt to bring a small amount of order into the chaos I'm reorganizing the house.
First off the crazy craft room.
I have been looking for a credenza to put behind the couch in here for some extra storage space with no luck so I decided to just go with  a dresser.  It has the extra flat space I need in here plus the storage underneath.  win-win!
I'm still in the process of folding all the fabric I have so they fit nicely inside the drawers.  At this point I am just focusing on the folding.  Once that is done I will sort the fabrics and put them together by colors.
And last but not least I have been inspired by all the wonderful quilting creations amanda makes and decided to give it  go.  This here is my very first quilt block (I think that is what it is called but I could be totally wrong).  I have no idea what the pattern is but it's pretty popular so I'm sure you could find out via google.  I was really surprised by how large it turned out... I really should not have been since I measured all the pieces while cutting and could have figured it out with some basic math skills.  It's really too big to be anything on its own but I am going to quilt it and practice binding.  


  1. I'm sorry to hear that, hope all the bad stuff is over now! Glad to have you back though:) And what a nice project you made! Is it big enough to be turned into a pillow case? I just adore the colors and prints in it! So cute<3

    1. thanks, feels like things are finally getting back on track.