Thursday, October 4, 2012

I pretty much eat the same thing for breakfast if I'm cooking for myself.  Those that follow me via instagram can vouch for that.  Here are my main ingredients, I use free range eggs and nitrate/antibiotic free bacon.
The bacon I get is thick sliced, I think one slice is equal to two of the regular commercial grade stuff.  It also renders a lot less fat when cooked.  I completely cook my bacon in a non-stick pan.
While the bacon is cooking I trim up my asparagus and separate my eggs.  I only do that because I do not like yolks, it isn't for any health reason.
When the bacon is done I remove them from the pan and add the asparagus on some green onions to the pan with the bacon fat.  Like I said before the bacon I use doesn't render much, I wouldn't suggest using all the fat that comes off of commercial bacon.  Oh and it's important to note I cook the asparagus in the middle of the pan with the green onions on the outside.  This will keep the green onions from over cooking and burning.
Add a little sea salt and some black pepper.
When the asparagus is done I remove them but leave the green onions.  I add some grape tomatoes and a sprinkle of garlic powder.  I only cook them in the pan for a short time just enough to warm them through.
That's about it.
All there is left to do it eat. 

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