Sunday, October 21, 2012

POW WOW quilting

My adventure in quilting has officially begun.  After hoarding the fabrics I had choose for weeks I finally took the big leap and started cutting.  Lucky for me I had some help Elizabeth from dontcallmebetsy was kind enough to give me some guidance and I managed to do pretty well.  I would love to say everything went smoothly after that but in fact it didn't.  I managed to cut up the fabric in the bottom right incorrectly.  Not once, twice, but in fact 3 times!  How is this even possible?!  I will have to go out and snag some more fabric soon because I destroyed the half yard I bought.  
I still have so much to cut but I stopped after the disaster last night.  I think I might wait until I stock up on some supplies to continue.  I need more fabric obviously but I also need a larger mat and a new iron.  
Never fear I am NOT giving up.  This entire process with all the bumps I have hit along the way has been enjoyable.  I really do love working with fabrics and all the details involved really help with my sanity after spending all day at work.  

Oh DUH, if you're interested in the pattern I am working on you can find it HERE!  I wanted to choose a pattern that wasn't too girly since I will be giving this to my dad when it's complete.  I will also be using a grey fabric in the "white" space.  Can't wait to finish and show it off.


  1. Love this pattern!
    I had so many mistakes made with my first sewing projects or when I go back to sewing after a break. So I can understand the frustration with cutting.

    I've never tried a quilt before but it looks fun!

    1. quilting both fun and challenging, there seems to be so much to learn so I'm sure it will be a process