Sunday, January 6, 2013

Christmas 2012

Seriously, Instagram makes me so lazy.  My poor camera is pretty much neglected for the ever so convenient iPhone.  Seems fine at the time but when I look at them online I realize how crappy those photos are in comparison.  
I finally got a walking foot and it really makes a huge difference.  I found this partially started pouch in a box and finally finished it off.
Then I moved along to this quilted pillow for Becky.  Still not perfect but I think I'm getting better with piecing and getting things lined up.  The straight line quilting was my favorite part.
I didn't get to do as much baking as I would have liked this year.
But the stuff I made was delicious :)
And like every year the nutcrackers made their appearance.
I actually had a few days off which was nice.  I got caught up with Downton Abbey.
Lots of puppy snuggles from the brat.
Quite a bit of sewing.

And as they say all things must come to an end.

Hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas!!!!

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