Sunday, June 8, 2014


My goodness it's been so long since I blogged.  Do people even blog anymore?  Or read them for that matter?  Well summer is in full swing here in Florida and the heat is deadly.  Luckily my succulents live on the porch and are doing extremely well.  I know a lot of people with brown thumbs are pretty successful with them.  I've found most dead plants are caused by lack of water so in order to remember I simply water all my plants on Sundays.
This one was dried out and practically dead but a little water and it's already sprouting back to life.
A few weeks ago I planted some Dinnerplate Dahlias.  They grow from tubers which are very similar to bulbs.  These three were all planted at the same time 4 weeks ago, can't wait for them to bloom.

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